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NIFT entrance coaching


In this program, we are offering both fine arts and aptitude test. Students could improve his/her talent and skill both in this program. Our course program will provide you satisfaction syllabus to clear your NIFT entrance exam coaching. Our professional faculty will help you in every step of your entrance exam coaching for NID, NIFT. If you think you unable to clear your NIFT entrance exam, don't worry we know, how to help our student.

Entrance exam coaching for NID, NIFT steps:-

Aptitude Test For NIFT Entrance coaching, 2024

CAT/ DAT Test preparation for NIFT entrance exam coaching

GAT Test Preparation For NIFT entrance exam coaching

Situation Test Preparation For NIFT Entrance exam coaching 

Course duration for NID , NIFT entrance exam coaching, 2024

Minimum -60 hrs 






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What is an aptitude test (CAT DAT GAT) is an entrance exam coaching for nid ,nift used to determine an individual’s propensity to succeed in a given activity. Aptitude test assumes that individuals have inherent strengths and weaknesses, and have a natural inclination toward success or failure in specific areas based on their innate characteristics. An aptitude test in entrance exam coaching for NID, NIFT  does not test knowledge; it is not a test for which a person can study. It is based on a person inner capacity to understand the object and things, a skill which changes any things row from to different one. 

Aptitude tests are popularly used in the pre-employment selection processes as an additional evaluation tool of candidate abilities. Whether it is numerical, verbal, or non-verbal reasoning tests, aptitude tests (Nift, Nata, Nid) have completely taken over the recruitment world in the past decade.

Understanding the Aptitude Test

An aptitude test may be taken by individuals to determine the kinds of careers that are a good match for their skills and interests. Similarly, high school students may take an aptitude test when thinking about what would be an appropriate college major or whether college is the best choice for them.

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Educational Aptitude Tests

Some schools administer aptitude tests to students beginning in elementary school. Along with intelligence tests and achievement tests that measure student mastery of academic content, aptitude tests may be used to determine placement in gifted and talented programs or other specific educational tracks. For example, the Modern Language Aptitude Test measures a student's potential for successfully mastering foreign languages. Aptitude tests can also help to qualify NIFT entrance exam coaching. 

Numerical Reasoning Tests

Numerical Reasoning Tests assess your ability to interpret data and do basic math, including fraction, percentages and currency translation.

Verbal Reasoning Tests

Verbal Reasoning Tests assess your ability to comprehend passages of text and make accurate deductions.

In-Tray Exercises

In-tray exercises provide a simulation of an email inbox, where you are required to respond to an imagined scenario. Often these will be followed by an interview or presentation at an assessment center

Diagrammatic Tests

Diagrammatic Tests conditions. They usually require you to infer a set of rules from a flowchart or similar diagram, and then to apply those rules to a new situation.

Cognitive Ability Tests

Cognitive Ability Tests measure intelligence through logic, reasoning and problem-solving exercises.

Mechanical Reasoning Tests

Mechanical Reasoning Tests assess your ability to apply mechanical or engineering principles to problems; they are often used for technical roles.

Watson Glaser Tests

Watson Glaser tests are often used by law firms to assess a candidate's ability to critically consider arguments. There are five types of question, each tests a different aspect of critical thinking (inferences, assumptions, deductions, interpretations and evaluation of arguments).

Abstract Reasoning Tests

Abstract Reasoning Test use diagrams, symbols or shapes instead of words or numbers. They involve identifying the underlying logic of a pattern and then determining the solution to test general intelligence and reasoning ability. And this help to student qualify NIFT entrance exam.

Spatial Awareness Tests

Spatial Awareness test assess your ability to form mental images and visualize movement or change between them. They are often used in applications for jobs in design, engineering and architecture.

Error Checking Tests

Error checking test is an unusual type of aptitude test that focuses on your ability to identify errors in complex data sets, such as codes or combinations of alphanumeric characters.

Numerical practice Test 

Try this numerical reasoning practice test similar to SHL, PSL and the GTIOS psychometric test used by many companies as part of their application process.

Verbal reasoning test

Verbal reasoning test is used by interviewers to find out how well a candidate can assess verbal logic. SHL is perhaps the most well-known producer of Verbal reasoning test, and the most widely used.

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