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BFA entrance exam 2024 coaching course In Delhi

Fine Art is the making and study of visual art (college of art) . It educates and prepares students to become artists and to follow other practices that are aligned with the making of art. Our curriculum of BFA entrance exam coaching  course in Delhi will the perfect to  face to entrance exam for college of art.

Art Avenue School providing 3months, 6 months and 12 months program for BFA entrance exam course in which students work alongside each other in collaboratively-organized studios. Whereas many fine art courses run in an environment devoted exclusively to art and design, our students, as members of art avenue school, have the advantage of contact with their contemporaries on all of BFA entrance exam coaching courses for college of art .

The Art Avenue School’s BFA entrance exam couching course aims to develop strong independent points of view and a mature grasp of the range of practical ideas and theory idea on BFA entrance exam coaching, student will be learn here how to make still life study, composition, or human figure proportion .

The first month of the course is structured to introduce students how to make pencil shading and human figure. Also Students will familiarize themselves with their fellow students’ work of BFA entrance exam coaching for college of art, take part in group criticism and engage in intensive dialogue with tutors and visiting artists.

The intimate working environment of BFA entrance exam coaching of institute, allows art history, theory and criticism to be treated as integral to the development of studio work. The Art Avenue School also enjoys a strong and constructive relationship with Modern Art and contemporary art and theory, students have full access to the many exceptional.

BFA entrance exam coaching in Delhi
BFA Entrance exam coaching  in Delhi

Course duration for BFA(college of art) entrance
exam coaching

Course duration- 3 Months, 6 Months, 12 Months- 2024

- Figure Study

Anatomy of Human body, Eye, Nose, Lips, Face proportion, figure posture

- Still life Study

Mesurement of object, placement of object, light and shadow of object

- Watercolor Painting

Colour theory, watercolour technique, opaque and transperent technique 

-Pencil color technique

mixing and  bending of one two colour , different type of shading in color

-Black ink Technique

coloring of figure and object, monocolour technique

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BFA entrance exam coaching course
bfa entrance exam coaching in gurugram.j
BFA entrance exam coaching course near n

Program Description


BFA entrance exam course develops a strong critical and problem solving approach to professional practice. The course forms a basis for the professional development of experts able to plan, analyses, evaluate, conduct and communicate the outcomes of practice and development problems of BFA entrance exam. Theoretical knowledge and to reflect critically on that knowledge and its application.

A  BFA entrance exam coaching course a unique opportunity to explore and express your creativity, collaborate with like-minded creative, and network with professional faculty.


  • Understand approaches to art in materials and process for BFA  entrance exam for college of art 

  • Foundation skills in life and observational drawing

  • Advanced knowledge of national and international artists and their practice

  • Enhance creative skills via a sub-major from either the sculpture & Photography stream or one of the other creative disciplines.


  • Exposure to tools, mediums and visual art language

  • Strategies towards development of art language

  • Developing a studio practice for BFA entrance exam coaching

  • Self-directed art practice

  • Advanced studio practice

  • The contemporary art environment

BFA entrance exam coaching in Delhi
BFA  entrance exam coaching near west De

What is BFA entrance exam coaching?

This exam as normal entrance exam like other field, we know that selected candidate will entry only which are perfect ability in same field. In the BFA entrance exam student will face something different from other entrance exam coaching it is practical test on same field also general knowledge question on art and culture.

They want to know about student, how they are dedicated in his/her goal. They will see your inside how you known about art field. They will ask you question about artist, art, painting, sculpture, and famous artist and painting of Indian and western artist. This exam conduct in two phase one is practical and other is general knowledge base. They will give you only three hours for both of exam phase.

In the practical exam phase several colleges of art and university will take BFA entrance exam on applied art, Visual communication, Sculpture, Painting and print making. Or other colleges and university will take BFA entrance exam only applied art, Sculpture, Painting and print making. Student will face in BFA entrance exam practical work according his /her choice of field like as, as given in question paper some composition on regular daily life topic and still life /model study for this field painting, sculpture, print making. In the field of Visual communication and applied art BFA entrance exam student will face in question paper illustration topic and still life / model study.

What is composition in BFA Entrance exam?

We know drawing and sketching, but composition sense is, if you are making more than three element in a topic, creating a beautiful arrangement of more than five elements this sense called composition in fine arts field. You have to draw and paint a composition of any one topic, main sense of composition in BFA entrance exam here should be perfect in drawing, shading or color sense and also in aesthetically arrangement of all element according topic.

What is Still Life and Model Study in BFA Entrance exam?

A still life is a drawing or painting that focuses on still objects. The subject matter is inanimate and never moves, typically with a focus on household objects, flowers, or fruits. Where is Figure study which focus on alive a human model. These are two exam compulsories in BFA entrance exam coaching for BFA entrance exam.

BFA entrance exam coaching
BFA entrance coaching in Delhi
Bfa entrance exam coaching in Delhi
Bfa entrance exam coaching
bfa entrance exam coaching in Delhi
bfa entrance exam coaching in Delhi

Important Updates

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- Download our syllabus for GK and CUET exam for BFA entrance exam coaching .

- Jamia Milia Ismilia university entrance Date- coming soon

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