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Today, National Institute of Fashion Technology has emerged as a leader in fashion education with the ability to integrate knowledge, academic freedom, critical independence, creative thinking. A history of being in existence for 27 years stands as a testimony to our fundamentals where academic excellence lies at the core. The institute has stood as a beacon of serious critical engagement, a key enabler in developing competent professionals. At Art Avenue School, we offer NIFT coaching classes for entrance exam preparation in Delhi.

Maximum Age: 23 years
as on 1st October, 2013. The upper age limit shall be relaxed by a period of 5 (five) years for the candidates of Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribe/ Differently Abled Person (PHP).

Eligibility : 10 + 2 from a recognised Board of Education
Accessory Design
Fashion Communication
Fashion Design
Knitwear Design
Leather Design
Textile Design

Apparel Production, 10 + 2 (with Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics) from a recognised
Board of Education.
MASTERS PROGRAMMES (2 YEARS) For Masters Programmes: Age - No age limit

Undergraduate Degree from any Institute / University recognized by law in India or Diploma in UG Design from NIFT/NID only/ Undergraduate Diploma of minimum three years duration from NIFT / NID.www.nift.ac.in

Portfolio preparation
When you are applying for a degree/diploma in any area of Art and Design, the assessor wants to see a portfolio of your recent work to help them asses your suitability for the degree you have applied for. While applying to design colleges such as NID/IIT/NIFTacademy your portfolio plays a vital role in your selection at the college.

What is a Portfolio?
A collection of 20-30 pieces of your recent work.
Made up of different media-including illustration, photography, design, print, sketch books and more.
Created over a period of time, Showing your development as you progress through your studies as an artist.

Why is a portfolio so important?
It reflects your thinking as an artist and designer.
It shows yours interest through the subjects you choose and materials you use.
It shows how you see the world and how you interpret it.
It is not a reflection of your teacher’s ideas.
It shows what you have chosen to represent and how.

Creative ability test, (NIFT)
This test is administered to judge the skill , power of observation, innovation and design ability of the candidate . an important aspect of the test is the candidate’s use of colour and illustration.

Situation Test
All hopeful students have to appear for the situation test after their selection in GAT (General Ability Test) and (Creative Ability Test). This test plays a very important role in the final selection as it contains 20% of the total weight age. It comprises of 3-D model making exploiting the materials provided to them. The materials may include different kind of papers, Thermocol, wire, string, ice cream sticks etc. A candidate has to create one or two 3-D model within the time limit of 2hrs to 2 and a ½ hrs. Each model must be accompanied by a caption and a write up of 50-100words.

You are judged on the basis of your aesthetic appeal, creative and clever manipulation of given materials and an appropriate theme. It is advisable to spend first 10-15minutes of the given time in thinking and drawing a rough sketch of your idea. Decide what is to be done first and what at last. Also carry some stationeries along with you like-pair of scissors, paper cutter, sharpened pencils, compass, fevicol with nosel, quick-fix, blue/black ball point pen, sand paper etc.

1. Design an office organizer with a pen stand ,al-pin & u-clip container and an open box to keep envelops and a stapler holder.
2. Design a vanity case for a female with the provisions to keep lipsticks, nail paint, safety pins and a perfume bottle
3. Design a a 3d paper weight for an executive.
4. Design a stage for rock concert.

Material provided:
1. Card Board A4 size
2. Pastel Paper sheet A4 size of different colour
3. Copper wire
4. Tape roll
5. Cotton rope
6. Al-pins
7. plastic clay
8. Ivory sheets
9. Golden and silver paper A4 size