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  • Sketching
  • Painting
  • Water colour
  • Oil paintin,
  • Canvas,
  • Charcoal
  • Portrait
  • Poster making
  • Pencil shading

Drawing Studio

Drawing has always been a useful visual language to help us think, express and communicate our emotion and ideas. The primary focus of this class in to improve your ability to draw from life and to work to develop an individual sense of creativity. These goals will be achieved through a number of different classroom activities as well as examining famous artist throughout history. This class encourages you to learn the basics of drawing techniques such as shading and progressive, and experiment with various media such as pen & ink and charcoal.

Colour pencil

It‘s no longer just used for coloring books; colored pencil can create magical and vivid works of art! In this workshop we will explore the colored pencil and learn all the tips and tricks needed to master this medium. Student will have opportunities to choose their own subject matter along with guidelines provide by the instructor. Through techniques, color theory and composition students will become empowered to confidently use colored pencil.

Oil Painting

Painting with oils in this class designed for beginner. Learn to oil paint from life as well as from your imagination. Through classical techniques, learn to create still life, landscape and portraits that express who you are. Study color theory, composition, brush work and color mixing while allowing the freedom to explore a personal style. Drawing skill is recommended.

Water colour painting

Learn About composition, Materials, and technique while you practice and create unique works of art ! Beginners are the focus here, but every ability is welcome. The experienced painter will learn new ways to combine color and abstract compositions, while the beginner will discover that water colour is easier than he or she thinks.

Pastel and Drawing

Student will use pastel as a colour medium in drawing, Fundamental drawing skill will be combined with color mixing and color design to explore traditional and contemporary approaches to pastel. The variety of subject matter will include still life, interior, landscape, portrait, and figures. Student will explore the influences of other artists and styles as they develop their own individual expression.

Acrylic Painting

This class is designed for the beginning acrylic painter, focusing on color mixing and composition. Students will become more familiar with the characteristics of acrylic painting, used in both 2D and 3D. This will help to improve the ability to design and execute a unique painting. Basic drawing skills are helpful but not necessary.


Explore the art of origami, from basic models made from one sheet of paper to more complex designs made from many modules! Using only folded paper, create many different objects: anything from miniature paper cranes to giant geometric figures

Paper Flowers

Celebrate spring and create a paper bouquet! Use tissue paper and origami technique to create flower to decorate your residence hall room or apartment.